Autumn Ramble 2018: a 2-part walk

On Saturday 17 November choir members enjoyed our termly ramble this time organised by Jenny.  With the option of a long walk, short walk, lunch or any of the above there was something for everyone.  Jenny describes the ramble below:

“It is a while now since the ramble, but we had a lovely day. From the Clifden Arms, eleven started on the long loop, which went across open fields towards Waterperry with a short stretch of normally busy road, but thankfully very little traffic on a Saturday. We went over a tranquil bridge into the quiet village of Waterstock, using well worn bridleways. After a left turn at the war memorial, it was hard to find the footpath across a ploughed field into Ickford, but the eagle eyed among us saw some other walkers and we headed straight towards them. From Ickford we took the path to the Rising Sun pub, but we were glad we had not booked to eat there, as there was a host of cyclists riding vintage bikes, dressed in plus fours and deer stalkers, who got there just before us. On the way back to Worminghall we were almost waylaid onto a cattle track, but Anne put us back on the right route – clearly she’d been here before. It was just a short hop, skip and jump from the Rising Sun to Worminghall, where we arrived exactly on time for lunch. The pub had been chosen by our humorous committee member Peter and we were pleased with it. The food was good and we were served promptly. We were joined by other members for lunch, along with four new walkers for the short loop.

After lunch, with property maintenance and early social engagements calling some of the morning walkers away, 10 set off on part two.  The short loop explored Ickford churchyard and other little-known parts of the village onto Little Ickford. Then we were back to the Rising Sun and repeated a short part of the morning walk, making sure to approach the Clifden Arms by a different route, just to show everybody as much of Worminghall as possible. The weather continued well, with no rain and good walking temperatures”.

Thanks to Jenny for organising this term’s ramble and look out for our next one.

Autumn Ramble 2018.PNG

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