Previous concerts

Spring Concert: 26/3/2022


Winter Concert: 4/12/2021


Spring Concert: 14/03/2020

200128 Faure Poster JPeg

Winter Concert: 7/12/2019

190925 Hummel Poster JPeg


Summer Concert: 22/06/2019

Pirates Poster 190428[8096]

Spring Concert: 16/03/2019

mozart requiem poster 190122

Autumn Concert: 01/12/2018

Messiah Poster Jpeg

Summer Concert: 07/07/2018

Summer proms poster Jpeg 180609[3158]

A Proms style concert – flags at the ready! The programme  included the wonderful young cellist, Laura van der Heijden playing : the Dvorak  Cello Concerto in B Minor.





Spring Concert: 17/03/2018

Spring Awakening

Music Makers poster JpegElgar – The Music Makers

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor with Midori Komachi

Rachmaninov – Spring




December Concert: 02/12/2017

December Excitement


Carmina final poster 2 Jpeg


July Concert: 08/07/2017

Off with their heads! 

Photo by Aidan Lynch

Charpentier -Te Deum

Delalande – Lauda Jerusalem

Extracts from Les Miserables


March Concert: 18/03/2017

cropped-111.jpgVerdi – Requiem

December Concert: 3/12/2016